Soflens Dailies with Aspheric

Soflens Dailies with Aspheric

From 31.90
Bausch & Lomb Soflens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses with Aspheric Optics contact lenses are 59% water content. These lenses have replaced the Soflens 1 Day dailies.

Advanced aspheric optics that helps promote crisp vision even in low-level light conditions. New material which provides a wettable surface and comfort throughout the whole day! Crisp, clear vision, all-day comfort and easy handling. If you used to wear Soflens 1-Day, you can now transfer to these new Soflens Dailies.

Theses are the equivalent to:

Boots Daily Disposables (diameter 14.2)
Dolland & Aitchison Daily Disposable (Diameter 14.2)
Specsavers Encore Daily (diameter 14.2)
Specsavers Easyvision One Day (B&L)

Contact Lens Shop prices for
Soflens Dailies:

30 pairs £29.90

60 pairs £58.90

90 pairs £88.90

180 pairs £176.90

360 pairs £352.90

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