Purevision 2 HD Contact Lenses

Purevision 2 HD Contact Lenses

From 29.90
Purevision 2 HDcontinuous wear contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb.

Don't settle when it comes to your vision. PureVision2 lenses with High Definition Optics are designed to reduce halos and glare and deliver the clear, crisp vision that you should demand. Plus, this monthly replacement lens offers design advances for outstanding comfort and breathability.

With a thin, rounded edge, PureVision2 HD enables a smooth, gentle lens/lid interaction for soft, comfortable lens wear. PureVision2 HD is one of the thinnest lenses on the market today, yet it's remarkably easy to handle.

Base curve 8.6 Diameter 14.0

3 Pairs (3 months supply) £29.90

6 Pairs (6 months supply) £54.90

12 Pairs (12 months supply) £108.90