Proclear 1 Day

Proclear 1 Day

From 27.90
Proclear 1 Day Daily Disposable Contact Lenses from Coopervision

Proclear One Day also known as Ascend 1 Day Comfort. Proclear 1 Day are daily disposable contact lenses uniquely engineered with PC Technology designed to provide outstanding all-day comfort. You get all the convenience of a daily disposable contact lens, plus a level of all day comfort that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

PC Technology creates a unique lens material containing phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules, found naturally in cells throughout your body. These PC molecules bind with water molecules to create a 'shield' of water around the lens, helping to keep them moist and comfortable all day long.

The identical lenses are also sold by some opticians as Ascend 1 Day Comfort and Easyvision Daily Vision and we accept prescriptions for these when supplying Proclear 1 Day lenses.

30 pairs £27.90

60 pairs £54.90

90 pairs £68.90

180 pairs £129.90

360 pairs £249.90