Freshlook Illuminate

Freshlook Illuminate

From 23.90
Now available! Get a bigger, bolder, brighter look with NEW Freshlook Illuminate contact lenses.
Discover the secret of bolder, brighter eyes with Freshlook Illuminate contact lenses

Freshlook Illuminate dailies feature:
- Revolutionary dual layer printing technology to enlarge the 'limbal ring'. The surrounding limbal ring darkens and enlarges the appearance of the iris to give natuarally bigger and brighter eyes
- Blink activated moisture for all day comfort
- Optimal centration for good vision and beautiful eyes

These come in packs of 10. Base curve 8.6 Diameter 13.8.

NEW Lower Price!!

Please Note ....
1.) If you have not worn lenses before we strongly recommend that you have them professionally checked in your eyes on receipt. By ordering these lenses you confirm you are aged 18 or over.

10 pairs £23.90

20 pairs £39.90

30 pairs £58.90

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