Freshlook Colorblends

Freshlook Colorblends

From 14.90
It's Party Time! FreshLook Coloured disposable contact lenses for subtle eye colour change. The Colorblends 3-in-1 colour technologhy blends three colours to create beautifully natural-looking eyes, whether you want an intense change or a more subtle effect. These coloured contact lenses are 55 per cent water content monthly disposables. Create a different look every day with these coloured contact lenses. All coloured contact lenses are approximate and the effect will differ from person to person!

Please Note ....
1.) If you have not worn lenses before we strongly recommend that you have them professionally checked in your eyes on receipt. By ordering these lenses you confirm you are aged 18 or over.

2.) * These lenses come in packs of 2. So if you are ordering just 1 pair they MUST be the same power. If you require different powers in each eye, please order an even number of pairs (e.g. 2 pairs, 4 pairs etc). Thank you.

Fitting 8.6 / 14.5

1 pair (1 months supply) £14.90 (see note 2)

2 pairs (2 months supply) £29.80

3 pairs (3 months supply) £39.90

4 pairs (4 months supply) £52.90

6 pairs (6 months supply) £69.90

12 pairs (12 months supply) £129.90

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