We have listed below the most common questions we receive together with answers to those questions. If you have a query, try browsing through the FAQ's below. If you cannot find an answer here to your question please email us. If your question relates to a specific optical or technical issue please e-mail our in-house opticians on info@thecontactlensshop.com

1. Ordering OnLine

Q. How do I know it’s safe to order on line?
A. The Contact Lens Shop ordering system uses 128 bit encryption technology to securely encrypt your card details while are being transferred to us. Or you can use Paypal.

Q. What if I don't want to use the online ordering system?
A. No problem. We accept orders by phone or email. All orders however must be accompanied by a valid current contact lens specification. Also free delivery only applies to on-line orders. UK Orders received by other methods will attract a £2.99 delivery charge.

Q. How can I reorder?
A. If you order on line our system you can 'SAVE' the contents of the cart. When you visit again (as long as it is within a reasonable amount of time) you should be able to click on CART and then click 'RETRIEVE' to bring up the CART contents from you last order.

Also the system will remember you (if you left the 'Remember Me' tick box ticked). Just select the products you wish to order and you'll find that your address details will already be entered. You'll need to re-input your card details as these may have changed since your last order. If you wish to set up a regular order please contact our customer service centre by phone (0800 78 33 201) or by email

2. Delivery

Q. How much is delivery?
A. Postage for orders made through the web site is FREE in the UK. For European orders postage is £7.99. For UK orders made by phone or email is £2.99. (This is to encourage people to use the web site allowing us to need less people to create orders manually and so keep costs down - which results in cheaper prices!)

Q. How soon will I receive my lenses?
A. Most of our lenses are despatched within 2-3 working days of receiving confirmation of your contact lens prescription. Non-stock lenses are usually despatched within 2-5 days. If, for any reason it is likely to be longer, we will email you giving you the option to cancel.

Q. How will I know my order has been received?
A. For online orders, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your order if you have supplied the correct email address.

Q. How many lenses can I order?
A. You may order any quantity you like up to the expiry date of your contact lens specification. (e.g. if you are ordering in July and your Contact lens specification is dated January, then you should only order enough lenses to take you through to next January - six months supply). We cannot supply more than a 12 months supply of any lens.

3. Contact Lens Specifications

Q. What is a contact lens specification?
A. It is similar to a spectacle prescription but it will specify the brand and type of lenses you have been fitted with, the fitting parameters and powers of your lenses. It will be signed and dated by your optician to indicate when you were fitted for lenses or when you had your last check up. Click HERE for more information.

Q. I’ve had a sight test. Can’t I just send you that and my lens packets?
A. Although the lens packets confirm the brand of lenses you wear we still need to confirm details of your contact lens specification and last check up. So we will need to see a copy of your 'Contact Lens Specification' from your optician. It's the same rule for ALL UK online suppliers.

Q. Can I order if I don't have my specification to hand?
A. Yes - but we cannot process the order until our in-house Optician has examined your specification, so you will need to obtain it and send it to us. Your optician is not obliged to supply your specification to us - but must supply it to YOU if requested. If you have ordered from us before and your specification is still current, there is no need to send it again.

Q. What if I have an unusual prescription requirement?
A. Simply e-mail our in-house opticians on info@thecontactlensshop.com and we will make every effort to supply you with the required lenses.

4. Products and Brands

Q. Are your lenses the same lenses I get from my optician?
A. Yes, we only supply identical branded lenses as those fitted by your optician. This includes own brand lenses supplied by large optical groups.

Q. What if I use own branded lenses (Vision Express, Specsavers, etc.). Can you still supply me?
A. We cannot supply 'Own Brand' lenses. However, Own Brand lenses are simply re-packaged versions of the named brand lenses we stock. In order for us to advise you of which lenses you need, please e-mail our in-house opticians on info@thecontactlensshop.com

Q. Why are your prices so low?
A. Firstly, we buy large quantities of contact lenses and pass the discounts we receive on to you. Secondly, being an on-line retailer, our overheads are much lower than a comparable 'bricks and mortar' retailer so we don't have to charge 'High Street' prices to cover our costs. We also recycle packaging where possible to reduce costs.

Q. What guarantees do I have when I buy contact lenses from The Contact Lens Shop.com?
A. All products we sell are guaranteed. Should any product prove to be faulty in any we way we will refund or replace. You just need to return the faulty product to us. Please note - We can only refund or replace incorrectly ordered lenses if returned unopened in their original packaging. Once the boxes or packaging has been opened we cannot refund or replace.

Q. Do you have a catalogue you could send me?
A. No - any printed catalogue would be out of date almost as soon as it was printed as we are constantly updating our range and prices. So - our web site is our catalogue!
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