Lens Specification

It is a regulatory requirement for ALL UK contact lens retailers to have had sight of a copy of a current Contact Lens Specification prior to selling prescription contact lenses. A copy of your Contact Lens Specification can be obtained from your optician after your contact lens check. A contact lens specification is not the same as your glasses prescription (although some opticians can include both sets of details on the same form).

Contact Lens Specification - This is a regulatory requirement for ALL contact lens retailersA Contact Lens Specification (as the name suggests) is a Specification of the contact lenses you have been 'prescribed' by your optician. It details the brand and type of lenses plus the fitting and power details. If the lenses are toric it will also specify the cylinder and axis.

Opticians are obliged to provide a copy if you have paid for a contact lens check. Often, they won't volunteer a copy - you may need to ask.

Contact lenses are still treated a bit like prescription drugs. So the lens supplier has to verify that they are supplying the lenses you have been 'prescribed' by seeing a copy of the Specification. Unfortunately just seeing copy of the boxes etc is not enough.

The Specification is usually valid for a maximum of 12 months (this is to ensure that contact lens wearers have regular checks). The regulations are in force to help protect the health of your eyes.

If you are ordering prescription contact lenses we can ONLY process your order once we have received a copy of your Specification. Most people order online first - and then scan / email or post a copy of the Specification to us after ordering. We can then tie up the Specification with the order.

The Specification is usually valid for 12 months. So we will keep it on file allowing you to re-order lenses until it expires when we will need to see a new one. We will try and remind you of this but obviously it is your responsibility to take care of your eyes by ensuring that you have regular checks.

Here is an example of a Contact Lens Specification which ALSO has space for a glasses prescription on it (which has been crossed out):

Post or email a copy of your Specification to us after ordering

If you don't possess a copy of your Contact Lens Specification you can either phone or visit your optician and ask for a copy to be given to you. Or you could print off the form HERE and ask your optician to complete it - and then email (info@thecontactlensshop.com) or post a copy (1 The Hidage, Worcester, WR5 2QG) to us. Once we have received the form we can start processing your order.