Biomedics 1 Day Extra Contact Lenses

Biomedics 1 Day Extra Contact Lenses

From 27.90
Biomedics 1 Day Extra is the new name for Biomedics 1 Day. These new lenses are designed to provide outstanding performance and comfort throughout the day. They include a UV inhibitor for greater eye protection. No mess - no fuss. Simply wear Biomedics 1 Day Extra contact lenses for the day and throw them away! Buy 1 day Biomedics Extra online - and save money on contact lenses.

Please note that if you previously wore Biomedics 1 Day you should now order these. They are available in two base curves 8.6 (for minus powers) and 8.8 (for plus powers).

30 pairs £27.90

60 pairs £54.90

90 pairs £69.90

180 pairs £134.90

360 pairs £264.90

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