Avaira Toric

Avaira Toric

From 35.90
Avaira Toric monthly disposable contact lenses. Now with extended cylinder range. Base curve 8.5

CooperVision® Avaira toric contact lenses are silicone hydrogel lenses for astigmatism. Avaira toric includes CooperVision Aquaform® technology, which offers natural and uniform wettability, high level of oxygen transmissibility, soft and flexible for comfort and ease of handling, UV blocker.

Avaira toric contacts feature optimised lens geometry - an advanced design that goes a long way towards consistent and predictable orientation. The lens also offers more stability and less rotation while delivering excellent visual acuity. The large toric optic zone provides good visual acuity over a range of powers.

3 pairs (3 months supply) £35.90

6 pairs (6 months supply) £63.90

12 pairs (12 months supply) £124.90

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