Air Optix Colors

Air Optix Colors

From 23.90
Air Optix Colors contact lenses use world-leading 3-in-1 colour technology - combining an outer and an inner ring with the primary colour - which blends with your own eye colour for a natural-looking effect. These lenses are ultra-breathable and provide high oxygen transmissibility to make sure you enjoy the comfort of healthy eyes all day long.

Available in nine different colours including subtle shades that add just a hint of colour to your eyes, such as Pure Hazel, Green and Grey, together with more bold tones like Brilliant Blue and Gemstone Green.

Please Note ....
1.) If you have not worn lenses before we strongly recommend that you have them professionally checked in your eyes on receipt. By ordering these lenses you confirm you are aged 18 or over.

2.) * These lenses come in packs of 2. So if you are ordering just 1 pair they MUST be the same power. If you require different powers in each eye, please order an even number of pairs (e.g. 2 pairs, 4 pairs etc). Thank you.

Fitting 8.6 / 14.2

1 box (2 lenses) £23.90 (see note 2)

2 boxes (4 lenses) £47.80

3 boxes (6 lenses) £71.70

4 boxes (8 lenses) £95.60

6 boxes (12 lenses) £143.40

12 boxes (24 lenses) £286.80