Why Buy From Us?

1.) Low prices. Let's face it - contact lenses aren't the most exciting product in the world .. but they are necessary. And many suppliers are selling exactly the same product. So it makes sense to buy them as cheaply as possible from a reliable supplier who you trust. At The Contact Lens Shop, we monitor the prices of our competitors on the High Street and other web suppliers to make sure that we have very competitive prices at all times. We may not always be the cheapest for every product but across the board you'll find that we come very close.

2.) Major Brands Supplied. We supply all the major brands and types of disposable contact lens . These include Acuvue (1 Day Moist, 1 Day Trueye, Oasys, Define etc.) Cibavision / Alcon (Focus Dailies, Aquacomfort Plus, Torics, Total 1 Day , Air Optix etc.), Coopervision (Proclear, Frequency, Xcel, Biofinity, Avaira, Biomedics etc.), Bausch & Lomb (Purevision, Soflens etc.) and Freshlook (Colors, Colorblends, Dimensions, Illuminate etc.).

3.) Fast, Friendly Service. We process all orders as fast as we can. We use Royal Mail First Class post in the UK which means that most orders arrive within 2-4 working days. Our Customer Service staff are chosen for their customer-friendly attitude. Our training builds on their natural empathy with people. They are on hand to assist during normal office hours.

4.) Free UK Delivery. If you order online, you are saving us a bit of time - as you input your details yourself. So we reward this by posting the lenses out in the UK post-free. (The delivery charge for non-web orders is 2.99 in the UK).

5.) Convenient. Imagine having to scrape the ice off your car, drive through heavy traffic, cruise round and round the car parks until you find a space, root around to find some change for the parking machine, walk through several streets to get to the opticians shop, wait in a queue to be served - and then pay top prices for your contact lenses. Compare that to ordering online in the warmth and comfort of your own home, then sitting back and letting us do the work to get the lenses to you - and saving a few pounds at the same time. No contest!