MyDay Contact Lenses Cheap at The Contact Lens Shop

MyDay Contact Lenses

MyDay Contact Lenses

If you’ve just been ‘prescribed’ the new MyDay contact lenses – and then been shocked at the price in the High Street Opticians you’ll be pleased you found The Contact Lens Shop where we sell contact lenses at cheaper prices than the high street. We stock all the main brands and types of disposable contact lenses – from dailies and torics to monthlies, extended wear, multifocal, aspheric and coloured lenses all at discount prices.

Visit us now to check our prices.

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Cheap Contact Lens Solution

If you wear lenses that aren’t daily disposables you will need to keep some contact lens solution in stock. The multi-purpose solutions are good for all types of lenses and provide excellent all-round care for your lenses.

The 3-month packs that we sell at The Contact Lens Shop also contain lens cases so you don’t have to buy them separately. Our prices are keen – and (for orders made through the website) include FREE UK delivery.

Here’s the link to buy your next pack of Contact Lens Solution cheaper online:

Buying Cheaper Contact Lenses Online

Here is some advice about buying cheaper contact lenses online.

The product (contact lenses) is likely to be the same wherever you buy it from. So your choices will revolve around price, service and reliability.

Some websites try and fool you by quoting the price per box as if you bought the maximum quantity – and then you find that smaller quantities will cost you more. Not many people actually want just one box anyway – so look for websites that quote you the actual price you pay for the quantity you actually want – e.g. Price for 30 pairs – or one month’s supply of dailies.

Many new websites have sprung up over the last few years but our advice is to choose one that has been around for a while – and therefore has lots of experience of internet retailing. (The Contact Lens Shop was one of the first UK online lens retailers founded in 2001 so we’ve seen it all over the years).

Reliability. Will you actually receive the lenses? Are they coming from the UK? Are they from the ‘grey market’? These are all questions that you may like to consider.

Finally. Does the online retailer ask to see a copy of your Contact Lens Specification (which is like a prescription but it relates to your contact lenses)? It’s a legal requirement for UK retailers to have seen a copy before sending out the lenses. It’s to protect you – so although it’s tempting to use a retailer who doesn’t ask for it, you need to think about what other laws they may be flouting …

At The Contact Lens Shop we have many thousands of regular customers who have been with us for years – and we are grateful to them for their custom. We don’t think so many people would buy their lenses regularly from us if we weren’t great value, with good customer service and have proved to be reliable. Why not try us with your next order for lenses. We supply in the UK and Europe. Here’s the link:

The Contact Lens Shop

Happy New Year from The Contact Lens Shop

So here it is – 2014. Last year was another great year for us and we hope to continue to grow in 2014. Over the years we have built up a base of thousands of loyal customers. Hopefully it’s a combination of our prices and service that keep people coming back.

We’ll be introducing new products as soon as they come out and we’ve just said goodbye to a couple of products that we’ve been selling since 2001 (Surevue and Acuvue Bifocal) as these lenses have been replaced with newer products.

So – Thank You to our existing customers and Welcome to new customers. Let’s hope 2014 is happy, peaceful and prosperous for us all.

Mark & the team at The Contact Lens Shop – Cheaper Contact Lenses Online


Cheap Dailies Total 1 and Acuvue TruEye

New lenses are brought out regularly by the contact lens manufacturers. Two of the more recent are Dailies Total 1 from Alcon (formerly Cibavision) and Acuvue TruEye.

These new daily lenses contain the latest technology and show how new types of lenses and lens materials are being developed constantly.

Many of these newer lenses are healthier for your eyes.

At The Contact Lens Shop we supply these lenses and many others at discounted prices compared to the High Street Opticians and other online retailers. Visit us now at We supply to addresses in the UK and Europe.

Cheap Contact Lenses at The Contact Lens Shop

Times are hard. Money is tight. So why pay more than you need to for your contact lenses?

Buy cheaper contact lenses online at The Contact Lens Shop

We’ve got thousands of satisfied customers. We’ve been around longer than nearly every other supplier. Our prices are generally cheaper than the high street and other internet suppliers. We sell all the major brands and types of lenses e.g. Acuvue TruEye, Focus Dailies, Soflens 1 Day, BioTrue, Avaira Air Optix etc. etc. Our staff are friendly and happy to help. Our service is is quick, and UK postage is free. Are there any reasons not to buy your next batch of contact lenses online at THE CONTACT LENS SHOP?

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Cheap Dailies Total 1 – Now at The Contact Lens Shop

As part of our mission to provide the best and cheapest supply of disposable Contact Lenses in the UK and Europe, we have just added the latest new lens to be produced by Cibavision (now Alcon). Dailies Total 1 are Silicon hydrogel contact lenses with water gradient: a content of water from 33% in the nucleus of the lense to over 80% on the surface. They contain Phosphatidylcoline (PC), a gradient that it is in the natural tears.

They are up to 6 times more breathable than traditional lenses.

All this and they are much cheaper at The Contact Lens Shop too!

Here’s the link to order:

Dailies Total 1 Contact Lenses

Dailies Total 1 Contact Lenses

Cheap Glasses UK

Our sister site Glasses UK is now available on a domain (as well as the .com).

So if you are looking for cheap prescription glasses online or cheap varifocal glasses in the UK or Europe just visit or and see just what great value they are. With prices starting at just £14.90 for single vision or £54.90 for varifocals, Glasses UK are providing a great service for people who are fed up with paying high street prices for their spectacles.

Biotrue OneDay Contact Lenses – Cheap at the Contact Lens Shop

We’ve just added the latest new contact lens product from Bausch & Lomb. It’s Biotrue OneDay daily disposable contact lenses.

Biotrue One Day Contact Lenses

These are designed to mimic the eye’s own tears with moisture.

NEW Biotrue ONEday works like your eyes, for comfortable vision throughout the day. Your eyes are naturally moist, but as the day wears on, your contact lenses can dry out, leaving your eyes feeling dry and irritated.

NEW Biotrue ONEday works like your eyes with the surface designed to mimic eye’s own healthy tears, so they retain moisture and shape.

These lenses have the same moisture level as the natural eye to support incredible comfort. Biotrue – inspired by the biology of your eyes with HyperGel helping to maintain crisp, comfortable vision – all day

By them now at The Contact Lens Shop

Buy Biotrue ONEday online

Contact Lens Specification

Why do we need to see a Contact Lens Specification before we can supply prescription lenses?

Well for one thing it is a regulatory requirement for all contact lens retailers and more importantly by making people have regular contact lens checks it helps to protect the health of your eyes.

We use the Specification to ensure that we are supplying the correct brand and type of lenses. It’s amazing how people will just order any lenses they like the look of – obviously not realising that each type and brand of lens has specific characteristics and some may be more suitable than others for customers – hence the regular checks.

Today we were accused of poor service because we refused to supply lenses to someone whose Contact Lens Specification had expired. We think it’s great service to remind people to take care of their eyes. And some people have even contacted us to say thank you.

So, for your information, the Specification needs to be dated within the last 12 months and show the fitting, prescription, brand and type of lens that the optician has ‘prescribed’ for you – and, like in a chemists with prescription drugs, that’s the type we have to supply – unless it’s an own brand in which case we will supply the branded version.

Please don’t ask us to supply lenses when your Specification is out of date. We recommend regular eye checks with your optician.